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Lending Library

Lending Library We are excited to offer families a wide variety of adoption/foster care related books and videos. Use the drop-down tabs on our menu for a more deatailed listing or Scroll through the list below and choose what you would like to borrow. Email Melissa Romero at or call her at 505-766-9361 to […]

About Fiesta

New Mexico Fiesta Project exists with only one purpose- to support adoptive families in this state. It doesn’t matter if a family adopted through CYFD or a private agency, or whether their adopted child is their biological family member, a former foster child, or came from another country, Fiesta is there to lend a hand. Everything […]


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Fiesta Calendar

Check the calendar often to note the events in your area. All of our classes and groups are open to any adoptive parent, extended family member or support person, no matter what region you are in. Trainings and support groups qualify for your CYFD electives and usually offer free child care with rsvp, so let […]

"I just want to thank you and the FIESTA staff for being so wonderful. The training today was great and while I am not a direct part of your program I am very proud of the direction our state is going in the area of support for those who care for our children! It is such a change from what it was 8 years ago when we became licensed and it is wonderful!” Penny Bailey"